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That night, during Carnival, Tulio and Linda sneak in and disguise as performers in blue macaw costumes presumably resembling Blu and Jewel, respectively , and Linda is pushed inside a float, and begs to be let out, only to find out that the "floor" elevates up. She says her catchphrase "Cheese and sprinkles" That is where Blu got it.

Supergirl (Linda Danvers)

She misunderstands her "fellow" performers actual performers and the director when they tell her " Bola ". She is shocked when she finds out from Tulio that it means she has to shake her "tushy". She later sees Blu riding on a bulldog named Luiz as he is setting off to rescue Jewel from the smugglers' float.

Then, Linda steals the float when she finds out that the smugglers and the cockatoo named Nigel have taken Blu subsequently as Fernando was leaving rags behind as a trail to lead them , but they miss when the smugglers take off in their plane. However, later, when Fernando points something out, Linda sees that Blu is finally flying in order to have saved an injured Jewel from falling to her death.

As soon as Jewel's wing is healed by Tulio, he, Linda and Fernando organize a sanctuary to protect the jungle from smugglers and she then bids Blu a final good-bye. In the credits, she and Tulio share a hang glider and fly with it with Blu, Jewel, their chicks, and their friends Nico and Pedro following, and neither are aware that Luiz is hang gliding, too. In snapshots, it reveals that the sanctuary workers have become a family and that they opened a Brazilian branch of Linda's bookstore "Blu Macaw Books". Linda paddles the boat, exhausted as Tulio is filming the surroundings and not paddling.

Linda tries to coax the shy Wood Quail out of her cage, which eventually works aided by Tulio's attempts at bird talk, which seem to frighten the quail , and the quail reunites with it's fellows.


The quail then begins hopping and chirping, which Linda thinks is a warning. Tulio dismisses this, but it is later proved true as Linda spots rapids up ahead. The boat makes a wild journey down the rapids and then over a waterfall. After surviving the fall, Tulio searches for Linda, and the two reunite with a hug.

They are distracted by a squawk, and a fast-flying blue bird suddenly dives past them, destroying the camera and losing one of it's feathers. Tulio identifies it as a Spix's macaw's feather, to his and Linda's joy. Jewel decides to take the family to the Amazon, to help Linda and Tulio find the Spix's macaws. Blu and the family arrive in the Amazon, unknowingly close to Linda and Tulio.

Blu is suddenly grabbed by a bird, and his squawks capture Linda and Tulio's attention, who frantically head in the direction of the sound. Linda worries that it sounded like Blu, but Tulio doubts this, believing Blu to be in Rio. Blu protests that Linda raised him and is family, but Eduardo is still angry. Linda and Tulio discover loggers cutting down some trees. Sign Up. Behind the Story.

Which hero would I pick? The Dog of Troublemaker. It's not about Sarah. It's about Rome.

Priceless (Forbidden Men, #8) by Linda Kage

The photo on the left is a dandelion; the photos on the right are crimson clover. Baby Tank then and now. An intense battle ensued, one during which Blithe joined up with Comet. Supergirl managed to hold her own until the Carnivore pulled Comet out of the fray. Supergirl pursued the others to the "Between City. There he created "shadows" of every villain she had battled so far and an all out brawl ensued.

Supergirl managed to hold her own until God Himself intervened to rescue her, thanks to the prayers of Linda's mother who was prompted to do so by none other than Buzz. Nothing but grief would follow thereafter. Linda found Dick Malverne dead in his apartment. He had foregone proper treatment in favor of appealing to the Church of Supergirl. Enraged, Supergirl attacked the church. The sham preacher was so terrified that suffered a heart attack as Supergirl was leaving. Lex Luthor turned up, alerting Supergirl to his deal with the Carnivore-- and that he was breaking it.

He also told Supergirl that the reverend had died. Overwhelmed with grief over Dick's death and now blaming herself for the reverend's, she surrendered to the Carnivore without a fight.

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The Carnivore came to Blithe, who had been paralyzed in her battle with Supergirl, and revealed that he had no intention of healing her. He also revealed to Comet that he was the first vampire. Now in control of all three Earth Born Angels, the Carnivore blackmailed the Presence into turning over the keys of heaven to him-- if God did not, then the Carnivore would destroy the angels, and with them the Female aspect of God.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie - Animated Book Review

The Presence did indeed surrender the godhead to Carnivore, causing a shift in perceptions across the world- -what was "good" before, now was regarded with contempt. The three angels all managed to make peace and get over their despair with a little help: Blithe with a visit from Buzz, Comet with a trip to her family, and Supergirl from an angelic figure, simply called " Kara ".

Supergirl broke out of her imprisonment. Blithe, bonding with what was left of the Matrix residue, healed herself. Then she, Comet, and Supergirl combined forces to assault the Carnivore at his home. The battle destroyed most of the city, but in the end the Carnivore was defeated and his newfound status lost. Linda decided that she had to find out what happened to Matrix. One last tip from Wally told her to follow the Chaos Stream and that it would lead her in the right direction.

She would need help, however, and for that she had to join with Buzz-- who had been stripped of all his demonic nature and power and was a mere human again. Buzz begrudgingly agreed to help though in secret he was falling in love with Linda. Linda retained a portion of the abilities she had when fused with Matrix, and using some items from a costume shop, created a white, blue, and red Supergirl costume, and continued her role as Supergirl, while searching for Matrix.

Her first stop was Metropolis where she battled Prankster and Riot. While in Metropolis, she met Superman and gave him the story, asking him to explain to the rest of the superhero community what had happened. While on the trail, Buzz was captured in New Orleans by the family of one of his victims--s ixty years earlier, Buzz had tricked a girl into running out on her true love and sleeping with him.

Unbeknownst to Buzz at the time, he impregnated the woman, who gave birth to a horrific demonic monster named Dominique. The family kept the "daughter" for all those years, always on the lookout for Buzz. Dominique attacked her father, and even though Supergirl drove her off, Buzz was poisoned. Luckily, a visit with Doctor Fate healed him and they continued on their way. Supergirl's quest was put on hiatus during the Imperiex War. She helped defend Leesburg against one Imperiex Probe.

She left Buzz to be thrown in jail during the crisis after he was accused of assaulting a young girl. Buzz protested his innocence, but she did not believe him. While in prison, Buzz was severely beaten and ran off, angry at Supergirl. Together, the two of them created a Bizarro Supergirl. With some help from Cassandra Cain , Bizarro Supergirl was defeated. Buzz repented, admitting that he had been crushed by what he saw as her betrayal, but that he wanted to go forward. Linda's quest continued to take her across the country.

The cultists were ecstatic to see Buzz back, but he wanted nothing to do with them. Unfortunately, they used a spell to bond the Demon , Etrigan, to Buzz. Supergirl managed to restore the Demon to Jason Blood and in the process learned that a villain known as the Demon Mother was involved with the missing Matrix.

Indie and the Brother's Best Friend

The Demon Mother was revealed to be none other than Lilith , the mother of the Carnivore and one of the rulers of Hell. She was forcing the Fae Queen Mab and Twilight to help her. Twilight approached Buzz with a deal to betray Linda in exchange for Matrix. Meanwhile, Bizarro Supergirl of all people managed to locate Matrix. They were attacked by the demon Hurmizah , one of Lilith's allies and another co-ruler of Hell. The chaos stream began to affect time as well as space as the trio came closer to their goal: the long lost Garden of Eden. Lilith had taken control of the Garden, transforming the angelic guardian Metatron into stone.

Matrix and her Earth Born essence were trapped in a kind of stasis. Lilith planned on causing the Chaos Stream to explode forth in a surge of energy strong enough to crack open the lowest pit of Perdition and free her son. Disguising the Bizarro Supergirl, Lilith commanded the creature to attack Linda. Linda, her mind nearly torn apart by the stream of emotions that were infecting it, fought an useless battle against her double, ignoring Mary's cries for help until it was too late-- she was stabbed in the chest by Hurmizah and left for dead.