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The resilience since the has been better so that the unemployment rate was 8. As stated by Houllier-Guibert , culture prominently figures as the basis of Rennes territorial communication. It represents the vital element of urbanity, one of the main driving forces of the metropolitanisation process from the s to the mids Houllier-Guibert, If quality of life and proximity remain the fertile soil for the local image, the focus is significantly turning towards the national and international levels.

Due to the increasing competition between cities, Rennes as a second tier regional metropolis seeking internationality is moving towards a proactive economic development based on its amenities Jouve, Lefebre, Is it the trigger, the catalyst or the endower of legitimacy? The answer is not obvious. Still, the accessibility allowed by the HSL is an opportunity for the metropolitan area to reconsider its attractiveness strategy, especially as the level of facilities in sport, culture and accommodation is considered poor compared to other French cities, Rennes remaining at the level of Nancy 20 th French FUA according to the local planning agency itself AUDIAR, c.

However, for some authors the image effect of HSR hardly exceeds the intra-regional scale, at least in the short run Willligers, ; Bazin et al. Unlike some French similar regional cities such as Bordeaux or Toulouse, respectively spontaneously associated with wine and aerospace, the capital of Brittany definitely suffers from a lack of image AUDIAR, , in particular on the economic front Houllier-Guibert, Its identity depiction is as complex as instructive.

Frequently associated with Brittany, a region that is surrounded by an international aura through a strong traditional symbolism Oco Global, , Rennes is in a sense paradoxically embarrassed by the deep Breton cultural identity that contrasts with its modern territorial stance and hinders its economic and technological image Chapuis, However, the high-tech city status that we have stated represents a powerful vector of external visibility.

Indeed, it captures and emphasizes the excellence of the local economy, the innovative capacity of its digital ecosystem as well as the quality of higher education institutions. Doing so it demonstrates the ability to achieve a political consensus and to structure a local governance that includes the high-speed line in its strategic vision Bazin et al. The project also reflects the will of local actors to manage and value land, especially near the train station.

It also remains associated to a smart way of travelling and still enjoys a fashionable image sometimes related to the striking architecture of its new glorious railway cathedrals.

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A large-scale urban development could happen thanks to landmark buildings and conceptions of the railway station both as a node and a place Trip, Thus interrelated, the different metropolitan achievements concomitant to the HSL introduce an organic reconstruction of Rennes urban area. Indeed, the latter benefit from accessibility levels similar to core business centres and take advantage of larger surfaces available as well as lower land prices.

In a sense, the nodal intensity in terms of feeder traffic Richer, Vuidel, experienced by the railway station of Rennes is paradoxically jeopardising the EuroRennes project around the station area. In the constant pursuit of accessibility gains, what we consider as time savings should be regarded as space savings, because higher average speeds may be reinvested to reach more distant destinations Joly, Conversely office central locations close to the station may suffer worse road accessibility and even by public transport due to the possible lack of central car parks and park-and-ride facilities by metro line heading.

Figure 4. Interrelated planning projects and development zones in the agglomeration of Rennes. Figure 5. Model of EuroRennes project on a presentation leaflet by Rennes Metropole. Such rescaling and fragmentation of the project are not specific to Rennes. At that time, the competition from peripheral business districts emerged as an explanation for this lack of targeting. For all that, can we really assert that the same process applies today concerning the EuroRennes project? The global regulation policy of new office volumes orchestrated by the metropolitan authorities and issues surrounding the temporality of planning tempt to moderate such an internal competition.

Indeed in , following national laws and regulations concerning the management of local public services, the Urban Community of Rennes created a single GIE Group of economic interest consisting of three publicly-owned local planning corporations dedicated to all programs of metropolitan interest. Under political control from design to completion, development projects integrate the metropolitan strategic guidance. Within this context, the EuroRennes project needs to be put into perspective with other key programs, among them the two peripheral major land transactions of La Courrouze and ViaSilva Figure 4.

The current commercial difficulties encountered by EuroRennes and the recent setting of key accounts in La Courrouze and ViaSilva can partially be explained by the maturity of these peripheral programs, whilst for now EuroRennes does not offer any completed office surface for potential investors. Previous local public stakeholders involved in planning office buildings acknowledge their total dependence on real estate cycles.

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Figure 6. Distinct paces of development for the three strategic high-end service spaces. According to a local player, this first ever acquisition of real estate assets in Rennes by a leading national property company is a tangible sign of the new dimension reached by the local high-end real estate market.

Concerning the commercial launch, little or no information have been passed on. Seeking to a new installation, a local business law firm would be in the process of finalising a transaction in the Eurosquare program and a major insurance group is watching with interest an eventual more centrally located development. The pioneering investors also hope to attract companies currently settled in the outer suburbs of Paris where the square meter is the same price but without any central location advantage. Anyway the question is whether EuroRennes will remain an adjustment variable of the new office market in Rennes or be able to act as the pilot high-end service sector centre long awaited by local authorities.

It is probably still too early to answer. Figure 7. The three main development programs in EuroRennes : different players, dynamics and temporalities. If the arrival of the infrastructure in is stimulating a catch-up in the business tourism sector through new facilities that emphasized an asserted international status, it creates with the new metro line system a functional change inside the metropolitan area.

However, despite being driven by strong inter-municipal governance, the local territorial transformation remains complex. Intra-territorial competitive pressures between interrelated business districts and global economic conditions seem to have annihilated the initial optimism around the EuroRennes project, symbolic showcase of an expected international appeal. A clear sign that anticipation and support public policies are necessary but not sufficient conditions Bazin et al.

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Research teams. Presentation HAL publications Activity reports. IEEE, pp. See also Presentation Activity reports.