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Adabel Guerrero

Really overcomes in all respects to all the shows I've seen in my life. The costumes, the cast all flawless. Also came last year Stravaganza: Water in Art and Flavio has really succeeded. The best artist that the villa has this summer. Last year was incredible and now it's just amazing. Do not miss it, great costumes, the scenery, everything spotless.

As of February, , the music hall-cirques has past the sell of Stravaganza returned to the theater "Luxor" in Villa Carlos Paz on December 19, for the summer theater season and will act in Carlos Paz up to February 28 of Following the next year she continued working as a panelist on the show. Guerrero is currently on license from her job on the show since October 31 and may not return for In a photoshoot interview for Ciudad. She later participated in the second season as an official contestant.

She also participated as a guest celebrity for a special trio round. In , Guerrero entered into the competition in the second round, replacing former porn star Ilona "Cicciolina" Staller, and danced with professional dance partner and model Joel Ledesma. Guerrero was eliminated in the twenty-second round by the Adabel got the opportunity to re-enter the competition in the twenty-fourth round, after dancing in a special edition and being picked by the judges.

She was eliminated again in the thirty-second round, by the Guerrero was eliminated in 16th place with She reached the top 8 out of 30 contestants later being eliminated in the phone bin by the As of round 10 there are only five judges not six, being that Antonio Gasalla quit. On October 30, Guerrero and Ojeda were eliminated with the They are the highest in Argentina, each with their own style.

There is no first or second, they are different from each other. They have broken their souls to get to where they are now. Dancing is the best, its orgasmic. Adabel has also said that singing has inspired her to keep on living when she did not want to. She is my inspiration and this is a tribute from my desire to ever achieve that excellence. But when Adabel was just two years old, they separated. Her father continued his life in the north country and she, with her mother and brother Emiliano, returned to Buenos Aires.

Her brother went to live in Mar del Plata and left her and her mother alone. Adabel has said that her mother taught her yoga and reading when 13 years of age and at the age of 7 she took her to her first dance lessons because Guerrero was always playing street soccer. Guerrero studied psychology as an alternative career future which was never finalized.

Guerrero has commented that she will finish her studies when possible. She confirmed on February 15, that she is currently finishing her studies in psychology. Her brother Emiliando was attacking Guerrero in in the media talking about her "very dark" past and saying that people don't know the real Adabel Guerrero. He has many medical conditions and has gone in and out of prison and rehab. On the fifth of March she expressed to "Caras" her desire of having a child, preferring a girl.

Imagine (Spanish & English Version) by John Lennon - Alex G ft Gustavo Cover

She also commented about her hobbies and preferences, making a family and relaxing at home, decorating her house, staying by the pool and enjoying nature with her husband. Basada en los exitosos libros de Jorge el Curioso de Margret y H.

Rey, y narrada por el actor William H. In these four short films, five Latina girls from different backgrounds prepare for their quinceanera--a celebration of their 15th birthday. The Riveras. Chiquis y sus hermanos luchan por salir adelante. Con humor y amor logran sus metas.

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